1. Q: Why are the commission rates high?
    A: I recognize the fact that I am working with you on what is probably one of your most valuable possessions. In response to that I am giving you the best possible service available. I put a lot of time and effort into working to get your home sold. Between myself and my full time assistant you are receiving the best service and negotiating skills available. You are getting an aggressive broker that specializes in "active" marketing and results.
  2. Q: It seems like a lot of Realtors do the same stuff – what makes you different?
    A: It is true a lot of agents use similar techniques. My advantage lies in my active marketing approach, and large number of aggressive contacts. Passive marketing is putting up a sign and praying that it sells, holding open houses, sending out flyers or advertising in the newspaper. Please refer to my Quality Service/Plan of action for more details.
  3. Q: Can we list high and come down on the price later?
    A: Motivated buyers watch the computer daily and read the classifieds looking for the right deal to come on the market. That is why homes generally receive the most showings in the first three weeks. If a home hits the market over-priced most buyers immediately write it off as an unmotivated seller and do not want to look at it. I want to price it at market and get the most people possible through your house.
  4. Q: We are concerned about people coming through our house, how are we protected?
    A: In our office log book I record the time, date, and name of any realtor showing your house. If there is ever a problem after a showing you call us immediately and we can figure out who did it and what happened.
  5. Q: Do you hold open houses?
    A: Although statistics show homes do not always sell at an open house, I will hold an open house at your request.
  6. Q: What happens if you are unavailable and something comes up?
    A: You can call or text me on my cell phone until 11:00 pm. I don’t screen my calls. You can call on the office line or email me. The beauty of working with me is that you are getting two realtors for the price of one. My personal assistant is, efficient, well-informed, and highly qualified to answer any questions and resolve any issues that may come up. If I am unavailable you can always reach her.
  7. Q: Why did the other realtor tell me my house is worth more than it is?
    A: There is a big difference in the way that I operate and the way that most agents operate. Most agents try to please the homeowner by telling him/her what they like to hear so they can get the listing, even overpriced. I provide the homeowner with a true appraisal and honest evaluation even at the risk of not getting the listing.
  8. Q: How often and how will you communicate with us?
    A: I will update you weekly by phone or email on the activities associated with your property. I will also mail you a copy of all advertisements.
  9. Q: What are your office hours and how can I communicate with you?
    A: The office is open from 10am - 7pm Monday thru Friday and 10am - 6pm on Sunday. Our office number is 718-268-5588. You can reach me on my cellular number anytime. You can also send me an email to If I am at a closing or at a meeting you can speak to Jillian Pena, my personal assistant. I work closely with Jillian and throughout the selling process we regularly discuss all of the issues pertaining to the sale of your house. Please feel free to call her anytime. She will be very helpful in assisting you in the successful sale of you home.